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Replace Policy ( 1-To-1 Warranty)


Scenario: Toner leakage, Printer unable to detect toner cartridge, Faulty, Damaged, Printing quality issues


Within three 365 days or 1 year from the purchase date

Provided the proof of purchase (order number, delivery note)

Returned in the ORIGINAL packaging

Toner weight must not be less than 50% from original condition

Please attached 3 printout copies ( from supplies info modules in the printer )  if there is printing quality issues.



Replace with same model of product, both way delivery cost covered. Or you can replace at the manufacture service centre near by your place. 


Return Policy:

Customer is RESPONSIBLE for return it to the aothorised brand service center.

We will not ship replacement merchandise until receipt of damaged or defective item.

One for one replacement for the ones you have already used and are at least 50% full in toner weight.

Defective products that you have already used and are less than 50% full in toner weight; you will be charged 50% of original purchase price for one for one replacement.

All defective or damaged returns are subject to verification by our technical staff.

We recommend a shipping method that is traceable so that your shipment will not be lost in the mail.

Failure to return a product within the return period will be deemed to be an acceptance of the product.



Refund Policy:

Not refundable when goods is shipped out. 
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