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General Product Information

What are Original / Genuine Cartridge?
Original or Genuine cartridges are manufactured by the same company as your printer.


Is all laser toner / inkjet toner selling in is Original / Genuine Cartridge? Why should I buy Original / Genuine Cartridge?

Yes, all toner we post in website are all original. For your information, compatible cartridge is cheaper in selling price but only half yield of original cartridge printing page, quality of print out will be different with the original cartridge, and compatible cartridge is not under local manufacture warranty. Usage of compatible toner may render your printer warranty to be null and void. 


How to distinguish between Genuine Toner and Compatible Toner ?

Security label

All SAMSUNG supplies carry a colour changing security label to prove they are original products.
1. When the label is tilted, the colour changes from clear to cyan.
2. The embossed characters change color between red gold and blue when viewed from different angles.
3. Verification of the embossed character is possible by feeling the texture.

Why we need manufacture warranty / on-site warranty for printer and toner?

For printer we provide 1 year manufacture warranty, you can know the type of warranty (carry in / On-site) which is at the column beside “Add to Bag “.  Carry in warranty means you have to carry the printer to Local Manufacture Service Center for repair / service, you have to bring along the invoice to show them that you are under warranty( invoice will be email to you with-in 24 hours after purchase). For On-Site manufacture warranty, we will send a technician to reach you and solve the problem.

For toner we provide life time warranty when the usage is less than 50% ( base on 5% coverage )

Starter toner is included for all printer purchase; it can print about half yield of a new toner.

If there is a manufacture problem, you can get 1 to 1 replace at local manufacture center (printer / toner).




Where & How do I buy printer / toner cartridges?

These are your ordering options:
1. Order online at our online store
a)  select a product
b) click on the “Add into Bag” button
c)  proceed to “check-out”
d)  choose your payment method for purchase

2.   Email us at

3.   Call up / message / whatsapp our sales person for order : +6017-4298316 / +6017-6138316         


How would I know if my order is being processed?
We will confirm your order within 24 hours either via email or telephone. However, if you do not hear from us within that timeframe, please call us.


Why I have not received any email confirmation? Is my order confirmed?
If you have not received any email, please check your spam mail or junk mail box. Your email service provider may have filtered it into the spam mail or junk mail box.

There are few more reasons that if you have not received it:-
1.   Invalid email information
2.   Failure on email service provider
3.   Internet connection problem
4.   Credit card rejection by your credit card company

If you still have not received it, we advise that you contact our customer services (  / +6017-4298316) for further clarification.



How much is the shipping cost?
The shipping charges is FREE for Peninsular Malaysia.( for online payment, direct bank in and COD within Klang Valley )

For Sabah, Sarawak and Labuan shipping fees charged according to the price listed at “shipping fee” beside “ Add to Bag “.


How do I know when my product will be shipped?
We will send you an e-mail within 24 hours confirming your order which includes an order number after we received your order.
A tracking number will be sent to your via email when the item is shipped.

More info about shipping, please refer to

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